Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Starting of a New Idea and a New Adventure

Friday, Sept 28, I was out and about, paying bills [or trying to... only in Nicaragua], buying stuff and, as normal, walking and thinking. Into my head came an idea that I have long resisted; the idea of English classes to make the start in Jinotega.

I continued home, that's the direction I was headed, and during the late afternoon mentioned the idea to Bev. She said, "I've been thinking the same thing."

Oh my, God, are you speaking? I think so.

I wrote Scott and mentioned some of the English, Alpha and coffee. Wow, a combination and it will work. I'm going to have to present the idea to Armin and see how it fits into the accounting of Al-Mundo. You know, I'm excited about this.

Securing materials, learning and preparing will be from now til Jan. Practice on classes will be here with people from the church; Jan - March. Visits to Jinotega need to start soon. D-day Jinotega will be in July.

The spark has been ignited. I'm excited. Let's go... God, touch the world through us.