Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Update on Lance and a Bit More

Lance: Norway and Beyond

A lot has happened in this new year of 2013.

In January, I spent a week at YWAM Norway’s workers gathering, a yearly meeting of staff and students for worship, teaching, and a good time; this was truly inspirational. God is doing great things in and through YWAM, and I am proud to be a part of them.

Since then, the weekly routine has been a combination of teaching, art, chores, and outreach preparation. Recently I created a social Injustice painting, worked on designing and painting a guitar, and received excellent teachings on perspective and portrait drawing. Although I remain busy in my art track, I have managed to really work on my music and I can see lot of improvement in this area as well.

With my Social Injustice piece, I focused on how the extreme majority of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are rejected, aborted, and replaced by a "normal" baby. I call the piece, "The Ultimate Rejection". Being rejected for who you are is hardly just, and I feel this matter should receive more attention.

Outreach preparation is a crucial part for our upcoming trip; we have studied India’s culture, art, economy, history, and other relevant topics. To impact people, it's necessary to know where they are coming from: what they have experienced and what they consider truth. We continue learning about India, what our plans will be, and other outreach details. The outreach team and I will leave for India on March 6, and return to Norway April 29. While there, we will work in separate ministries, such as: red light district women and their kids, orphans, and the impoverished in the areas we visit.

What I will be doing after my DTS… Right now, I am weighing different options, praying and thinking on what I should do. A person plans his way, but the Lord directs his path...Please pray that God would show me what He wants me to do.

Phenomenal thanks to all of you who have supported me through your prayers and support, God bless!

Kelsy: A Life with Purpose

We had five kids from Llano de la Cruz participate in our Purpose Driven Life group. We learned about each other, our abilities, what we like to do, our thoughts about God, and our relationship with Him. We also became closer friends.

I'm sure when people think of writing their testimony they think about how they came to know Christ, but it's also about what has happened in your life, what .you have learned and experienced with God, your passions and the Good News. One purpose in life is to serve God and we learned about our SHAPE and that means Spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences. One thing that really impacted me in my SHAPE was prophesying. I can serve God as I say the things God wants me to say.

Luke: A Children's Workers Conference

I had the privilege to attend a training conference for children's church workers, directed by our awesome friends Danny and Peggy Thornton. During the four day conference I learned the different personalities of clowns and mimes, how to act like one, and how to paint my face as such. I also learned different dramas and tricks each with different meanings and lessons to learn. After three days of learning all the participants went out to evangelize in a nearby neighborhood, many children and adults received Christ. The next day the Thorntons gave each church represented a supply bag and sent us all back to our cities to evangelize. I have decided to use my new-found skills and what I learned to teach children's church.

Praise and Prayer


  • Lance's costs are covered
  • Supernatural School starts March 23
  • Ministering at Verbo in Somoto
  • Jinotega group increases commitment
  • Christian dating seminars in Matagalpa
  • Dunamis Institute returns to Nicaragua
  • Finances, DTS costs have depleted our reserve funds
  • We need a house to rent by April
  • Wisdom to teach and train how to be followers of Christ in the marketplace
  • Lance's plans after DTS
  • John's plans after his graduation in May
  • Judah's possible summer missions trip
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