Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barbara Christine Hall Rutledge - December 2, 1930 to August 27, 2010

Grandma Barbara, as many in Matagalpa and Jinotega called her, celebrated the last 8 years of her life in Nicaragua as a missionary serving in the gift of helps. Primarily she helped home school and care for the younger children of her oldest son's family. She also interceded for those the ministry was touching. Barbara lived in Nicaragua from 2002 until she passed away August 27, 2010.

As a child, teenager, and young lady she grew up in Seymour, Tennessee. She was known as Christine, her middle name, and affectionately called Kricket by her father, William Hall Sr. She married Joseph W. Rutledge in 1956 and gave birth to four children: Earl, Ellen, Lloyd and Fred.

imageBarbara and her husband Joe touched many lives in a variety of ways. In the first year of their marriage they were “tentmakers” in Elgin, Illinois, where Joe taught math in the public high school as they ministered in a Baptist mission in the city.  Afterwards, they served as dorm parents at Harrison-Chilhowee Academy in Seymour, Tennessee. Leaving Tennessee, they returned to Louisiana where Joe finished a third degree in engineering. Barbara and Joe both had previously finished masters degrees in Christian Education from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

The following years were filled with raising a family as Joe worked as an engineer and later Barbara returned to the university to be certified as a teacher for special needs children. During these 16 years both attended church and served faithfully in whatever manner they could. In 1975 Barbara and Joe realized a dream they had put aside many years before and the summer after Earl graduated from high school they took their first missionary journey to the island of Jamaica. The time spent there was short, but it opened their hearts once again to serve as carriers of God’s light to the nations and people that would never think of entering a church door. Joe’s job as an engineer allowed their light to shine as they lived with their family in Mandeville, Jamaica and later Valencia, Venezuela.       
When Barbara’s husband Joe passed away in 2002 she decided to move to Nicaragua and live with her oldest son. She served in their ministry as she taught and cared for their younger children. Although unable to speak and understand Spanish, this did not prevent her from showing the people that she loved God and that she loved them. In this silent yet powerful way she continued until her death impacting lives of those that came in contact with her.

August 27, 2010, at 10:25 PM, after a three month bout with illness, Barbara Christine Hall Rutledge walked through the valley of the shadow of death into the eternal glory with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She passed away in her sleep at the Hospital Metropolitano-Vivian Pelas, in Managua, Nicaragua.

Barbara Christine is survived by three children: Earl, Ellen and Lloyd; nine grandchildren: Marcus, Cheree, Sarah, John, Judah, Lance, Luke, Kelsy, Esperanza; and one great grand-child Katelynn.
Her testimony lives on.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pray for My Mom, Barbara Hall Rutledge


Please believe together with us for the complete recuperation of health for my mom, Barbara.

The past 3 months she has dealt with several different health issues and is presently in the hospital in Managua because of low sodium, potassium and calcium and a major yeast infection that has spread through out her body.

All is improving well and early next week she should be out of the hospital.

Believe with us for restored proper levels of sodium, potassium and calcium; complete healing from the yeast infection; and protection of her vital organs, especially her kidney during this time of illness.

We know the healing power of God and believe it is part of our covenant blessing.

God is good.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rutledge Report July 2010

image The biggest and most exciting news for this quarter is the wedding of our daughter Cheree. On June 5th, Cheree married Vicente Diaz, a young man from Matagalpa who now works in EstelĂ­ as a civil engineer. It was a very special day for all of us: a rewarding result of 24 years of sowing into Cheree’s life as her parents, and the last 10 years of investing in Vicente as his pastor and teacher. We would appreciate your prayers for God’s favor and direction for them as they start their future together. Cheree is finishing her final graphic design project and will graduate from the university the end of November.

Our home remains the focal point of our ministry, and we are thankful for the larger area we now have. It provides privacy for the family while still being adequate for overnight guests, English climageasses, counseling sessions, and meetings. We are finally proceeding in our desire to establish a regular prayer room where people come to pray and receive  prayer for special needs in their lives. We want to establish a “hot spot” where the presence of God is so strong that people are drawn to Him as Savior, Redeemer, Healer, Provider, El Shaddai,… We want them to leave changed by their encounter with Him and desirous to come back to enjoy His presence once again. Our prayer room will also serve as a training ground for those in our study groups, teaching them to pray more effectively for people in need.

Part of our calling is to minister to ministers, and teach those who will in turn teach others, so we are pleased to have two single women missionaries as part of our regular Sunday morning English fellowship. Earl recently started condensing his English teaching into 250-400 words and posting it in his English and Spanish blogs. Visit A Look in the Mirror. Our Sunday evening service is in Spanish, and we are encouraged by a recent increase in attendance. Pray for the discipleship process to bring changes to their everyday lives.

image We also are glad to co-labor with Young Life. Three of their leadership couples and one from our Sunday evening study completed our recent eight week marriage course. We finished with a 24 hour marriage encounter in Matagalpa. The time included fun dynamics, Christian fellowship, practical teachings, delicious food, and a special night away in a hotel. Due to desire on the couples’ parts, we continue meeting to teach and expand on topics they have requested.

imageBev coordinated a pastor’s wives retreat which included ladies from both Matagalpa and Jinotega. Thanks to First Assembly in Fort Meade, FL, each one received a small gift to encourage her that God does see her efforts and rewards His servants. Each was also pampered with a manicure, pedicure, facial, or a new hair style. They returned to their husbands and churches not only spiritually uplifted, but also emotionally strengthened and physically blessed.

We give thanks for the funds that subsidized the cost of these events. We know the investment of your donations will bring forth much fruit.

Bev frequently counsels and prays with ladies that are experiencing difficult emotional and relational problems. The exercise class that she attends has spurred many new ladies coming to seek prayer. God will use you everywhere that you are open to being a channel of His love.

image Judah recently graduated from home school and scored very high on his SAT. We are very proud of him. Before pursuing a university career in Mechanical Engineering, he will spend ten months with 24/7, a Leadership/missions program in Mexico City.

John successfully completed his first year at JBU with a 3.85 GPA. We enjoy having him home for the summer. We are grateful for the scholarships and grants that cover the majority of his expenses and we continue believing God for complete payment of his schooling. Presently he still needs two student loans.

Prayer needs: image

  • Successful discipleship and growth 
  • Protection and health
  • Increased provision for schooling and travel
  • A volunteer to help with home schooling
  • Influence in the city

image Pray for Grandma Rutledge, our wonderful helper for home school and with the younger children. She is still fighting repeated health problems, this time related to her colon.

May God richly bless you for your donations and prayers which are so vital to our ministry.

Thanks again!


The Rutledges

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camping - Lance

Camping gives me an opportunity to do two things I enjoy: hiking in nearby mountains and spending time with friends. 

Hiking is one of my hobbies; I like the challenge, the adventure and excitement of an unclimbed mountain. Another thing I enjoy about hiking is that it gives me a change of scenery, from concrete streets to dirt and rocks, from buildings to hills and trees. Just think of all the hiking you have to do to find a place to set camp that fulfills all your purposes. Such as a nice view, plenty of firewood and level ground.

Camping is a good way to spend time with your friends. With no one to tell you to behave a certain way, getting out into the wild changes something. You can be yourself and so can they. While sitting by a campfire, one also shares thoughts ideas, experiences and stories. Camping makes for good fellowship.

I enjoy other things when I go camping, but hiking and fellowship are the ones I enjoy most. What do you enjoy most about camping?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 2010

Friends and family,

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. God has truly blessed us through you! In the past several months many things have happened; here are a few of them.

Earl started December with a writing streak. In 21 days he wrote the first drafts of 34 Advent devotionals with prayers based on scripture readings and representative symbols that we as a family have selected, designed, and revised over the past several years. He condensed each thought into 130 words to allow each devotional to be read in approximately one minute. Enjoy them on Thoughts and Reflections, starting at New Life with Advent. Earl plans to revise, rewrite, translate, and record them for a Christmas radio emphasis this year.

In December we also visited a local coffee farm and taught on family unity and the value of the man and the woman. God’s love was proclaimed to more than 50 adults plus numerous children through teachings and interactive dynamics; the day ended by eating a meal with the plantation owner, Veronica. We are planning a follow-up teaching soon.

John arrived December 18th, the same day Cheree finished her university classes in Managua. We were able to enjoy Christmas vacations as family in Jinotega. Part of our Christmas celebration included sharing the Advent tree and wreath with our English students. In a new, unique and fun way, the gospel of Jesus was presented. Christmas family time also included visits to Selva Negra and San Juan del Sur. While in San Juan del Sur Earl ministered to a man experiencing many personal struggles, as his visit there was during the last days of his brother’s life. He needed encouragement and a reminder that the only true God sent the Savior whose name is Jesus… Pray for Alberto to continue his search and that he may find the true peace only Jesus Christ can give.

clip_image004The second weekend of January started a busy ten days; we divided our family into different ministry groups for various activities. Cheree and John translated for a PRMI seminar at La Fuente while Earl taught and translated at two Young Life Leadership Camps. John returned to JBU and Cheree and Judah participated in Bethel Church’s Supernatural Ministry School in Managua. In Jinotega, Bev, Lance and Luke united with Young Life to distribute Christmas toys and clothes in a poor barrio. All groups experienced awesome ministry testimonies of God’s healing love touching many lives.

We continue to provide counsel and spiritual oversight for the pastors and leaders at Iglesia La Fuente. In November, after nine years in the same location, they had to change buildings. The new location is 45 percent smaller, but much nicer in appearance. We continue praying that God would provide them their own property and building, and for understanding of God’s ways as they continue forward.

English classes resumed the 17th of January. Six to twelve students come three days a week for an hour of class. Some students are expressing interest in our Sunday morning English Bible study. One day Connie, a young lady who travels to Jinotega four hours on the bus for Saturday classes at the university, passed by to inquire about a chance to practice her English; she now stays for our English worship time on Sunday mornings. We are praying for more students to participate in that time or join our Spanish Bible study on Sunday evenings.clip_image006

Seven couples attended our first Valentine’s Day activity in Jinotega. Of those couples, three of them are not practicing Christians and two of them want to participate in a marriage study group. We are excited about this new opportunity.

We recently moved to a larger house that will be much better for Earl’s mom’s comfort, health, and mobilization (no steps and we now have a yard). It will also allow a front room to be dedicated to prayer, counseling and ministry. We are thankful for the provision to pay the increased rent, but continue praying for even more income for other new activities.

After an extended courtship, Cheree will marry Vicente Diaz on June 5, so wedding plans and preparations are also part of our current activities. Vicente is a civil engineer and a fine Christian man. He works in Esteli, another one of our target cities.

Prayer requests:
· Continued provision and protection – we are thankful for the blessing God always provides. We never want to take it for granted.
· Health – especially Earl’s mom, Barbara. She has had frequent bladder infections that have affected her kidneys.
· New ministry in Jinotega as we relate with our English students and develop new relationships with married couples. We are also increasing our ministry in counseling, inner healing and prayer for the sick.
· Maintaining links with people with our change of houses to a new location in the city.
· Continued forward movement and growth at Iglesia La Fuente, encouragement and patience for Pastors Raul and Olivia Castro, and the ability to obtain their own church building.
· Our children as they continue growing in independence and life purpose.

Thank you very much for your prayer and financial support. God has been very good to us.

Grace and Peace,

Earl and Beverly Rutledge