Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camping - Lance

Camping gives me an opportunity to do two things I enjoy: hiking in nearby mountains and spending time with friends. 

Hiking is one of my hobbies; I like the challenge, the adventure and excitement of an unclimbed mountain. Another thing I enjoy about hiking is that it gives me a change of scenery, from concrete streets to dirt and rocks, from buildings to hills and trees. Just think of all the hiking you have to do to find a place to set camp that fulfills all your purposes. Such as a nice view, plenty of firewood and level ground.

Camping is a good way to spend time with your friends. With no one to tell you to behave a certain way, getting out into the wild changes something. You can be yourself and so can they. While sitting by a campfire, one also shares thoughts ideas, experiences and stories. Camping makes for good fellowship.

I enjoy other things when I go camping, but hiking and fellowship are the ones I enjoy most. What do you enjoy most about camping?