Friday, February 8, 2008

February Update

Here is a recent family picture taken just this last Sunday.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now coming up on Feb. 14th... the year is again flying by.

January 1 we started morning prayer scheduled to take place for 21 days focusing on preparing for new wine. We started with 4-8 the first week, moved up to 12-18 the second and finished with 30 the third and therefore decided to extend to the end of the month of January. The last week we were consitantly seeing 30 people show up.

School officially started the 4th of Feb and attendance has gone down to an average of 15+, but there are those faithfuls that have hardly missed. It's been exciting and we are extending the time form one more week to end the 15th of Feb. God has been good... we're expecting big things from Him.

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