Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Travels to Bluefields, Tasba Pauni and Karawala

November 12-17 I flew to Bluefields with Judah and Cherith VonBerg to spend the weekend with my friend Pastor Ed Jaentschke. It was an awesome time; 8 years was much too long of a gap since my last trip. If the opportunity ever presents itself, you must experience the intriguing beauty and culture of Bluefields. You can check out other pictures of Bluefields at:

While in Bluefields we visited two communities that Hurricane Ida affected: Tasba Pauni and Karawala.  Due to the loss of crops, hunger is the primary concern.

Saturday we took a boat to Tasba Pauni. Since it’s actually on the Caribbean Coast instead of on the river, it received the harder hit of the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         two villages; poorly constructed houses and a double pass of the storm resulted in greater damage. Driftwood, trash and debris had been gathered in piles across the beach as the locals cleaned up and began repairing or rebuilding their houses. Other pictures can be seen at:

Monday’s six hour adventure of a sometimes very bumpy boat ride took us to Karawala. The much neater and better organized village was less affected than Tasba Pauni.  Look at other pictures at:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Please pray for Bluefields and Pastor Ed and his wife Ligia of Iglesia Verbo as they work with people in the city and outlaying villages. The need is great and obviously many physical needs exist, but transformation of thought and philosophy must be the principle focus. Without a true renewing of the mind there will never be a lasting improvement in quality of life and living conditions.

Grace and peace.

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