Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jinotega, Longview, New Zealand and Back Again

clip_image002Hi! This is Judah Rutledge. I know there is a section on me in my parent’s latest newsletter, but since I will be away from Nicaragua (and, thus, Mom and Dad) until Christmas, I have decided to write a more detailed letter of personal plans and expectations for the year.

As I stated above I will soon be leaving the country. This is obviously the greatest change for me, but the last year has been full of numerous, smaller changes. I spent nine months living in Matagalpa with Cheree while taking a computer course and getting my driver’s license. So I enjoyed more independence last year than ever before, even though only an hour away from my parents. Cheree taught me how to set and live on a budget and how to take care of a house, versus just cleaning imageone. It was great to have some special time with her before she got married. After finishing my computer course and getting my Nicaraguan license, I returned to Jinotega, where I have been helping my parents for the last four months. I have spent my free hours exploring the mountains surrounding the city and making knives, greatly increasing my proficiency in both arts. In fact, I now have knives for sale in Managua and will soon be taking a group of youth up the Peña de la Cruz (Peak of the cross) here in Jinotega.

All this is drawing to a close, though, as a new phase of my life takes shape. I will be headed for the states for two weeks and leaving from there to New Zealand to start a five month Discipleship Training School with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). This will be an Adventure DTS, the normal DTS with an extra touch of hiking and extreme sports coordinated with the classes, all designed to help me dive deeper into the ultimate adventure: knowing God and his will for my life. Three months of classes will be given on a variety of subjects such as God’s nature, hearing God’s voice, intercession, how to study the Bible and, of course, missions. After the theory comes the application. With my classmates and leaders, I will spend the last two months ministering in any area of need on a South Pacific Island, probably Vanuatu. A personal goal for this time is to continue growing in independence and maturity, while still under a protective spiritual coverage. This will be preparatory for college, which I’m starting in Longview, Texas two weeks after I graduate from the DTS. LeTourneau University residence halls open the 18th of August, and a new world awaits. I’ll finish my first semester of mechanical engineering and then come back to Nicaragua for Christmas vacation.clip_image006

The year will require more of me than anything I’ve yet experienced, but all is in God’s hands so it will be great! Prayers are welcome! If you are interested in more details or have any questions, write to me at . This year will be the best yet for me; may it be the same for you.


Judah D. Rutledge

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