Monday, July 9, 2007

History 101 - the First Years

We complete 14 years in Nicaragua on July 29, 2007 and 8 years in Matagalpa on July 26,2007 so it is time to celebrate. Even more the reason to celebrate is, it will be Lance's 13th birthday on the 26th and my 50th on the 29th. Not getting any younger, but we're going forward, full-steam.
We came to Nicaragua with Mission Aviation Fellowship in 1993 as teachers for missionary children in Managua Nicaragua Christian Academy. We served with MAF for 2 years and then transitioned to work under the covering of our home church mission organization, World Outreach Fellowship. After returning to the US for 5 months we returned to Nicaragua on a new adventure to work directly with the Nicaraguan people and churches. Our initial contact was Verbo Church Nicaragua. Sorry the linked site is in Spanish.
The next 3 years our ministry was helping various ministries around the capital city of Managua and the Atlantic Coast in the city of Bluefields. We continued teaching part-time at the Academy and with other ministries such as YWAM, Verbo Church and the Foursquare Church. November of 1998 Bev and I began to perceive a change of location and ministry.

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