Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer News - 2007

We are proud of our daughter, Cheree, for how well she's done in communication in newsletters and thank-you notes during her 11 months in Youth With A Mission in Puerto Rico. When she gets home in August maybe we'll put her in charge of ours, so that maybe we also will manage to be more in touch. For those who haven't been on Cheree's mailing list, she's had an awesome time, experienced tremendous growth and development in many areas in addition to the spiritual aspect, and enjoyed wonderful experiences in China and in the Dominican Republic during her outreach times. She is very glad that she stayed to take the second course, Principles of Working with Children and Youth.

This month celebrates some special milestones in our lives: Earl's 50th birthday and 14th year anniversary of living in Nicaragua, and Lance's 13th birthday and our 9th year anniversary of living in Matagalpa.

We've had a great summer with lots of company. With the help of a terrific team of 31 youth and their leaders from Omaha, Nebraska, the church received a handsome inside facelift of paint and outside a new roof addition to allow the children's church ministry to expand to the back patio. We had a great week of various ministry times at the church, at the hospital, and in a poor neighborhood. The group culminated their time here with a huge Children's Festival; we had over 150 children attend, and all left happy and content. Thank you, Lord.

My lady leaders and the mothers who attended the great Festival with their children or heard about it from an enthused source became motivated to organize a similar event for the women. This time we enjoyed the participation of a great team from Cincinnati, Ohio for our Saturday of fun. Several first-time visitors joined us, and were able to see the joy of the Lord in action. I know they will be back, hungry for more. One of the purposes of this event was to introduce our new Bible study theme from Titus, "Challenges of Today's Modern Woman," which we pray will impact our ladies in many practical areas in their lives.

Rejoice, and again I say rejoice! We had a challenging week, being without a telephone line for 4 days, without electricity 42 hours, a sick baby, a team of 28 to feed, and no water. God is so good though; we didn't have to deal with everything all at once. We got the phone back after the first day without electricity, and the water didn't shut off until after the electricity came back on. God provided coolers so very little food was lost to spoilage; He provided 2 gas lanterns which lit the entire living room, and mom's oven next door works without electricity. Yeah God.

24 Hours of Prayer - This past weekend we spent our 3rd time as a church manning a 24 hour prayer vigil. For this time period we had a minimum of two people praying at all times, and experienced surges of up to 50 at a time seeking God in prayer, sometimes individually and sometimes in groups. Around 80 people overall participated during the 24 hours, with a group of 30 staying the entire night to enjoy God's presence, worship Him, and intercede for the different needs presented.

Praise reports: Our leaders are functioning well without our direct 100% involvement, which is enabling us to focus in other directions such as radio ministry and a new church plant for next year.

  • Our family was given a new vehicle, a 16 passenger van! What a huge blessing that this personal need for transportation was met!

  • Cheree's expenses with YWAM and her outreaches have been totally provided for.

  • God's provision is awesome. He works through so many people in a variety of ways. Every month is different, but we rejoice that at the end of it, all the expenses have been covered.

Thank you, faithful friends, for being the channel of provision and blessing to us. We trust that God will continue to multiply your seed sown in mighty ways.

Prayer Petitions

  • We have made steps of faith in making improvements on our present building, and continue to pray for the provision to purchase both it and the adjoining property.
  • The country is still experiencing a lack of electrical power, which results in frequent power outages.
  • Peace in the political realm, integrity and wisdom for the governing parties, protection of godliness and freedoms, economic stability of the nation

Thanks again for your support and prayers. We pray that God will perform His purpose in your life today.

Blessings and peace,
Earl and Bev

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