Wednesday, August 29, 2007

History 201 - Looking to the North

On night in October 1997 I had been doing a couple teachings on praise and worship at a small Baptist church somewhere in Managua and the last evening was special. It had been a combination of worship and teaching, not just an hour teaching time. It as very interesting, because I never even took the guitar off; sing, worship, share, worship, share, worship, share, etc. It was a very good night from what I can remember.

When I got home Bev and I began talking about the evening and the future. I mentioned again, having had the conversation several times before, about a recording studio. Bev "reminded" me to not get outside of my calling and, knowing the basic answer, I asked her to remind me of my callings. Teaching and worship was her answer and somewhere in the conversation was mentioned "maybe pastoring."

"Pastor? where?" I asked.

"North Nicaragua," she responded.

I had been thinking on that line already. God was leading and all we needed was confirmation and green light from our leadership in the US and from Verbo.

Look to the North!

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