Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fwd: A few Recent thoughts from Bev

At the moment, Bev is the one on the front line. I, Earl, am still in the States and will be here a bit longer. Here are some thoughts from Bev about how it is today. Sure wish I could be there. I miss MyLady and my kids.

God is been good,

  • We've had days of water, and now it's irregular again. We had a weekend of electricity and last night it was off again. Normal normal there.
  • I've spent alot of time counseling my leaders these past 2 weeks, and a few affected by the flooding in the church finally had a delayed reaction to the trauma, but I think we're all doing well emotionally.
  • Due to a mix up Sun. I ended up preaching. At least I had a few minutes during the praise and worship to write a few notes. God is good, it went very well.
  • School got a bit behind, so what else is new.
  • Esperanza has been very fussy, and that makes everything take alot longer.
Love to all,

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