Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Visit to Jinotega

Monday we went to Jinotega as a family to "spy out the land".

We arrived a bit after 11 a.m. and proceeded to eat lunch, chat with them a bit and release them to see the city on their own in groups of 2. They had about an hour and a half to walk around and see what ever they wanted to see. Once we were all back together, we talked about their observations in the van and then in the evening we all talked again about what we had seen and thought during the day. All the kids were positive about the day, expressing their concerns, but positive and accepting.

Their positive observations were that the city is peaceful, smaller, cooler, relaxed and has nice parks. There is not much traffic; there are good sidewalks; it has a kids park; is closer to the mountains; and it is easy to get around. Bev noticed that a lot of the women are pregnant. I found out that there are three universities and a fourth one that will open next year and there are no English language schools.

The main concern expressed was the leaving of friends in Matagalpa. "Can we visit at least once a month," was a consistent request.

Bev and I know there are other questions and doubts there like opportunities to play indoor soccer, to continue with Tae Kwon Do, etc.

It is a beautiful location with lots of outing opportunities. It is a more conservative and reserved city. There are a good number of churches there but none in the center part of town and they are not unified at all.

  • The altitude is 3232 feet above sea level
  • The population is approximately 51,000 as of 2005
  • 80% of the nations coffee comes from the department of Jinotega

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