Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Trip to the US - Earl and Bev's Thoughts - very late, but I'm cleaning out the drafts

We are back in Nicaragua and at the point of moving to our new city, Jinotega. God has provided a house with the price $50 below what we had put as the max we wanted to pay. For a few frustrating days we thought that we would have to go over our “limit”, but God is faithful and we are thankful that once again His faithfulness has been shown. We feel very blessed to have found a house this large and nice for the price we were able to rent it.

We’re also thankful for God’s provision for our family trip to the United States this summer. God provided in so many ways for everything we desired. We were hoping for somebody to loan us a van; instead the provision was to pay for renting a new one (only 12,000 miles “old”) and in perfect condition. For our 9000 mile trip, all the family fit in so nice and snuggly with all our camping equipment, food boxes, musical instruments, and suitcases.

As we traveled, the awesomeness and goodness of God was daily revealed to me through His marvelous creation. The most constant reminder as I looked at the “big skies”, majestic mountians and immensely large canyons was of God’s power, greatness and grandeur. As I saw the beauty of the small in birds, flowers and children, I remembered that even in His all powerfulness God cares for me and my most “insignificant” needs. For God all is possible and all is important. What a calming, comforting and consoling thought. He is always there, wherever we are; and He is always aware of our situations.

Many friends and family members helped us out with our trip and many others help us on a monthly basis as we minister here in Nicaragua. Thank you very much and may God’s riches blessings return to you and your family.

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