Friday, January 18, 2013

As the Eagle Flies: an update on Lance in Norway

As the Eagle Flies
Friends and family, 

Lance has had an awesome time of growth in the first months of the Discipleship Training School in Alesund, Norway. Enjoy his newsletter and please continue praying for him.

As the eagle flies,

Earl and Bev Rutledge
 Greetings from Norway! 

It's been three months since I started this DTS and God has done so much with me and in me.

I've worked with several churches in the area with a few different projects. I have spent time with youth, simply talking, relaxing and playing, as well as praying and being a positive example for them. During this time with youth, we also have some food, games and a simple devotion. 

In November, a team of artists and I traveled to a town 3 hours from Alesund to spend some time with a church. We spent two days participating in youth groups, and a night relating and sharing with the youth leaders. Many of the leaders were touched by the prophetic art pieces that were made for them. Aside from spending time with the church, we also visited a school and spent two hours in a classroom with 18/19 year olds. As a group, we shared on the individuality and uniqueness of every person. Unfortunately, we could only spend 3 days in the town, so things were a bit stressed, but we had a great time working, learning and sharing God's love with the people there.

Now it's December and I am spending a two week break here in Norway. It's been a great time of rest and accomplishing other projects; such as the recording of several songs I've written. Christmas Break will be end on the 1st, and then we return to our routine week of teaching. 
It has been confirmed that I will doing my months of outreach in Asia, however the exact location cannot be told just yet.
Prayer requests: 
·  Wisdom and guidance for my life after YWAM
·  I've been a bit sick lately; I need some prayer for my physical condition
·  I still lack money to finish payment of my DTS and outreach costs
Pray that the Lord will provide wisdom, health, and resources, and that He would give me these in abundance.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and an awesome New Year,  

God bless.

If you are interested in my artwork, you can browse through my online portfolio. 
Click this link - Lance's art portfolio


Often, people have a skewed sense of justice, or a skewed view of humanity. The painting is in a diagonal format. The white figure is trying to push it back to the straight horizontal format. I want to do this in my life and through my art. I want to show people, in a loving, kind, inspiring way, the things they have misunderstood or misinterpreted and help them adjust to a correct Biblical worldview.

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